How to Stay Sober When People Around You Don’t

This could include staying away from friends that you used to drink with often or even something as small as deciding to start making your bed every morning. Some of your old tendencies could be part of the reason for your past alcohol abuse. If you continue to do things the same way as before, it will be hard to expect to keep your sobriety. In other words, instead of saying, “stop thinking about how far it is to the liquor store,” imagine you walk down there, buy the bottle of vodka, come home and start drinking. Imagine your sober streak disappearing and finishing the bottle that night.

BAC levels will remain high until the liver has had time to metabolize alcohol. However, many factors, such as gender, medications, and health, can affect intoxication and cause BAC to rise quicker and fall slower. If a person with a BAC level of 0.08 stops drinking, it will take roughly 6 hours for them to sober up. It is advisable to eat before drinking, especially foods that are high in protein. Having food in the stomach can help to slow the processing of alcohol.

You Feel Like You Can’t Have Fun Without Drugs or Alcohol

It helps you become still and track your rapid thoughts. When you’re struggling to stay sober, meditation can help you refocus and bring a healthy stillness to you. It stops you from fidgeting or thinking of scenarios where you’d end up drinking. Stay calm, play some relaxing ambient noise, and be still. Writing down how drinking less positively impacts your life can help you stay motivated on your sober curious journey.

The key lies in exploring your relationship with alcohol. Instead of thinking, “I won’t be able to drink with my friends,” remind yourself that cutting out alcohol can energize you, leaving you open to socializing in more rewarding ways. In reality, though, people recovering from alcohol use disorder can go on to drink occasionally. Similarly, people who don’t meet the criteria for alcohol use disorder can still have a challenging relationship with alcohol and benefit from taking a break.

Don’t stress the social situations

You may begin to feel the effects of alcohol within 10 minutes of drinking. The best way to sober up is to get a good night’s sleep. Throughout the night, your liver will have time to metabolize (break down) all the alcohol in your system.

  • In my case, it’s hard to call it a slip when it lasts for 18 years.
  • Brown wrote about cocktails for The Atlantic, consulted on bar programs around the country, and traveled to Japan to study bartending.
  • You’re having a good time because of the people you are with or the activity that you are doing, not because you are sloshed.
  • If you feel yourself wanting a drink, drink some water instead.
  • You can always reach out to the I Am Sober app community and receive some healthy support there as well.

He parked in front of the church, watched me walk inside, and spent the next hour in his car waiting for me. After it was over, he took me out to eat and made a case for what my life would be if I didn’t quit drinking. Breathing is a great way to give yourself something to focus on instead of your rapid thoughts.

Make New Friends

This increased use is a sign of tolerance and can lead to addiction. For more ideas on staying sober and keeping your friends, work with an individual counselor specializing in alcohol-related issues. You will learn more about yourself and how sobriety can be fun and fulfilling. If none of your drinking friends want to do other activities with you, that’s okay. You can do things on your own and quickly meet new people who are sober and looking for friendships. The first time you attend an event alone may make you nervous.

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