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It is an ecosystem of connected blockchains, allowing for the secure transfer of assets and information between different blockchains. The Cosmos Hub is the main blockchain of the ever-expanding ecosystem of Cosmos. Each new blockchain that is created within Cosmos, which is referred to as a “Zone”, is tethered to the Cosmos Hub, which keeps a record of the state of each Zone. The Hub is a Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain that transfers assets and data between the tethered zones and offers a shared layer of security.

From the SEC to the Treasury, there’s a growing push for increased regulation. We don’t yet know what form that regulation will take, but it could impact any crypto with DeFi connections, especially if it is heavy-handed. Decentralized finance is a group of products that cut the middleman (usually banks) out of financial services. A number of the applications on Cosmos’ network fall into this category. If you do nothing, you will be auto-enrolled in our premium digital monthly subscription plan and retain complete access for $69 per month.

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The holders of tokens will have the voting rights to vote for the network proposals that decide the future of the COSMOS blockchain. Uniswap Exchange UNI token is the prime example of a governance token. Cosmos is based on a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, which means https://www.tokenexus.com/ holders of the token can earn rewards by staking their ATOM. For proof-of-work blockchains, they need to use a proxy chain (peg zone). The peg-zone is compatible with IBC, which then allows interoperability between proof-of-work blockchains and the Cosmos network.

what is atom coin

However, unlike Polkadot, Cosmos prioritizes the sovereignty of independent blockchains, meaning they must secure themselves, have their own governance, and run their own validators. The Cosmos developers describe the existing Proof-of-Work protocols as slow, pricey, harmful to the environment and lacking in the scalability potential. In the case of Bitcoin, for example, the rise in the number of transactions has arguably what is atom coin led to a pronounced decrease in the performance speed of the entire platform. There is quite a lot of competition among projects trying to solve the interoperability issues between blockchains. Cosmos’ competitors include startups such as Polkadot, AION, and Penta. Cosmos offers a platform for making payments and exchanging information between blocks, but the problem of interaction between blockchains is still relevant.


The development of Cosmos took a different approach by focusing on interoperability between various blockchain. Cosmos achieves this interoperability using the Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol, thus facilitating communication between blockchains. The networking layer facilitates communication between the Cosmos Hub and other blockchains (zones) in the network. This technology also functions as a messaging protocol for blockchains, vaguely resembling what is found in the TCP/IP solutions.

Coinbase is another popular cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy ATOM. It is a quick and convenient way to buy ATOM, as the setup process takes a short time. Once you have an account, you can use your debit card to purchase ATOM instantly. So far, there are more than 20 blockchains (December 2021) and over 262 apps and services on the platform, showing you just how much people believe in and are adopting Cosmos. When a zone connects to a hub, it also automatically connects to other zones that are connected to a hub. By connecting to other zones through hubs, the need for an infinite number of connections is eliminated.

How Does Cosmos Plan to Deal with the Scalability?

You still own the house, but you’re giving up control over it for a short period of time in exchange for a financial reward. A holistic approach allows us to predict further active use of the system. If development continues along the planned path, the project may become one of the most convenient IT technologies. According to Cosmos, Tendermint provides exceptional performance in benchmarks of 64 nodes that are distributed in seven data centres on five different continents. One of the best ways to get a sense of this activity is through the project’s commit activity on their public GitHub. In the case of Cosmos, you have a number of different GitHub repos both from the main project to the Tendermint repositories.

what is atom coin

To add new blocks, a set of 100 validators reach a consensus on each block via voting. Voting takes place in rounds based on block proposals from a leader. The PoS method is based on a set of semi-trusted nodes for voting by blocks. As long as more than a quarter of the voting nodes are honest, the protocol will work without any problems.

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